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Why Pet Adoption Is A Smart Choice For Seniors

Updated: Jul 31


Besides the cuteness factor, owning a cat, a dog, or even a fish, is a great idea for seniors. Pets combat feelings of loneliness, depression, and isolation. They enrich our lives in so many ways but boosting our physical health and mental happiness is more than enough. Here are all the ways that owning a pet is great for seniors.

#1. Pets Keep You Company

According to a poll on healthy aging, one in three seniors suffer from chronic feelings of isolation. A proven cure is a tiny creature you can take care of and love. Pet owners report feeling less stressed and more loved.

#2. Physical Benefits For Pet Owners

Pets can help us live longer, healthier lives, according to experts. They can lower our blood pressure, and help us stay mobile through their care, feeding, and play. There is even research to suggest that petting an animal like a dog or cat can reduce physical pain.

#3. Cognitive Function And Emotional Support

Pets can alleviate stress, give us more confidence, and take the place of some of the social interaction we need in our lives. Pets can also reduce agitation of patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

If you feel that a dog or cat is too costly, or too much responsibility for you right now, there are other pets to choose from. Smaller pets that live shorter lives but have costs and work are:

  • Fish

  • Small Birds

  • Reptiles

  • Rabbits

  • Hamsters

  • And many more!

If you’ve been feeling like something is missing in your life, especially while staying home a lot due to the current pandemic, consider adding a pet to your life!

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