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Public Mask Wearing For Seniors

Wearing a face mask in public is now considered one of the top ways to help slow the spread of COVID-19 without making everyone stay inside all the time. Wearing a non-medical-grade mask doesn’t do much to protect you from the virus but it does a lot to keep you from spreading it to others in the event you have it and don’t know it yet. The virus primarily spreads through droplets from the mouth and nose. Here are some mask-wearing tips for seniors as they are one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to this pandemic.

Choosing Your Mask

You may have heard about N95 masks, these are the type usually worn by medical professionals or people who will be around those with the virus. They are more expensive but still obtainable, although probably not necessary for your everyday use with social distancing.

Disposable paper masks are easy to wear and are generally easy to breathe through as well. They can get pricy if you have to buy many boxes.

Cloth masks, both homemade and store-bought, are a great alternative if you need masks you can wear over and over. A dual-layer fabric mask is ideal. Use heavy-weight cotton and a lighter cotton or silk layer. Choose one that fits your face because gaps can make them up to 60% less effective.

Wearing Your Mask

Make sure that your mask fits snuggly and loops around the ears. You should wash your hands before you put your mask on your face. Make sure your mouth and your nose stay covered at all times. Wash your hands again anytime you touch or handle the mask. Your mask should be worn anytime you are in public or even around family members from outside your household.

Mask Care

If you use a paper disposable mask they are to be used one time only and then discarded. Cloth masks should be laundered between wearings so make sure to have more than one on hand.

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