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Myths About Aging That Need To Be Corrected ASAP

Society has a preconceived image of seniors as frail individuals, unwilling or unable to learn new things. These damaging misconceptions can cause hurt feelings and a lack of opportunities for our aging population. In truth, aging is just an inevitable part of life, and everyone ages differently. With a healthy lifestyle (and good genes) you can be healthy and active at any age.

MYTH: Aging Automatically Means Poor Health

While it is true that certain illnesses and conditions get worse with age, in general, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume a person can be healthy well after their retirement age. If 85-year-old seniors can run marathons, you better believe good health is achievable at any age. Healthy eating and staying active with physical fitness can help you stay in shape.

MYTH: Memory Loss Is A Given For Seniors

Everyone notices that as they age they might get a little forgetful here and there, but significant memory loss is not inevitable with old age. Brain training exercises can help you stay sharp as you age, such as word games or sudoku type puzzles. Being active can also help keep your memory intact.

MYTH: Seniors Can Use The Latest Technology

When it comes to myths that damage people’s perceptions of older people, this is the worst. It’s simply not true that people over a certain age lose all interest in learning new things. In fact, learning to use technology like e-mail, video chatting, and online socialization can help seniors stay connected to the world around them and offer more ways for them to communicate with family that has moved away. It may take some extra patience to teach grandma and grandpa to use FaceTime but the payoff is more valuable bonding time.

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