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Home Modifications To Help You Age In Place Longer

Updated: Jul 31

Medicare Consultants House

Everyone's goal is to live in their own home for as long as possible, hopefully forever. In order to help make that possible, there are updates you should start making to your home now to make life easier as you get older. There are many things you can do to make a home safer and more functional for seniors, these are just a few suggestions.

Flooring And Ramps

Exterior stairs and indoor thresholds can easily be converted to ramps. Ramps are easier to navigate than steps as we age and you'll be ready for a walker or wheelchair if that ever becomes a necessity. Also, home flooring should be uniform to cut down on tripping when going from one room to another. Seniors are less likely to trip on newer carpeting with a shorter height. Hardwood or laminate floors are easier for people with walkers and wheelchairs.

Shows And Bathtubs

Replace bathtubs with walk-in showers which makes it very easy to enter and exit without risk of falling. Having a bench installed and rails to hold on to will also make bathing safer.

Kitchen Modifications

Appliances and countertops might need to be lowered to make them easier to use. If the microwave is installed inside the wall or over the stove it can be moved to a microwave cart for easier access.

Assistive Technology

Medical alert systems can provide monitoring and reach out to a contact list if help is needed. They can be smartphone apps or a wearable device like a necklace. Smart home features like video doorbells and automatic lighting systems could help a senior be safer at home.

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