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Avoiding Stress In Isolation

Being isolated from friends and family can be difficult. It will be more important than ever in the coming weeks to practice self-care and find activities that can keep your mind busy and your spirits up. Here are a few tips that can help you from feeling sad or stressed while you stay home and help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean staying inside at all times. Fresh air and sunlight are very good for your mental health. You can still take a stroll around the block or spend time in your own yard. Doing light yard work or even just sitting outside to read or drink your coffee can help lift your mood. 

Keep communicating with family and friends. Schedule daily talks on the phone with your family or do a video call with your grandkids. 

Get some exercise daily. It can be as simple as a walk outdoors, a bike ride, or yoga in your living room. Exercise keeps the blood flowing and floods your brain with feel-good hormones. 

Spend time doing your favorite hobby. You finally have all the time in the world to read, knit, play an instrument, draw, or anything else you feel good doing. 

Don’t let constant news updates upset you. Get a daily update from your favorite trusted news source and then move on with your day.

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