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4 Important Vaccines For Seniors Covered By Medicare

Medicare covers preventative care services to keep you healthy all year long. Vaccines are an important part of shielding our bodies from potential viruses that could cause detrimental health concerns. These vaccines are recommended by health experts and are free of charge under Medicare and any supplement or advantage plan you might have.

#1. Influenza (Flu) Vaccine

The flue is a highly contagious respiratory virus that can become life-threatening, especially for the older population. Even if you are otherwise healthy, seniors are at great risk for complications when they have the flu. If you have other chronic conditions like diabetes then the risks are even greater. This is a once a year shot and falls under Part B of Medicare.

#2. Shingles Vaccine

Shingles is a painful skin rash and inflammatory disease caused by the same virus as the chickenpox. In adults, the original virus you were exposed to as a child can reawaken and the side effects can be very severe and painful. Adults aged 60 and over have a one in three chance of coming down with Shingles if they don't get the vaccine. Medicare Part D and Advantage plans cover the shingles vaccine, sometimes there is a small copay, and other times it is at no cost. Contact your plan representative for more details.

#3. Pneumococcal (Pneumonia) Vaccine

Pneumococcal disease causes infections throughout the bloodstream and devastated the organs. It's the virus that causes Pneumonia which is an infection in the lungs, as well as meningitis. This disease kills 18,000 adults over 65 each year so it is important to get the vaccine that is offered. This is a cost-free benefit of Medicare under Part B.

#4. Hepatitis B Vaccine

A contagious virus of the liver, Hep B can be very serious in older adults with weakened immune systems. The risks are greater for people with hemophilia, end-stage renal disease, and diabetes. A doctor will decide if you are at risk and order the vaccine for you at no cost to you under Medicare.

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